State Road 26 Pavement Project

DES# Project STP-4479, Des No. 0012950

Location of Project:   Tippecanoe Co., IN

Services Provided:  Survey

Description of Project: This project includes the reconstruction of SR26 from the CR550E to CR900E in Tippecanoe County, IN.  There are also 12 cross roads/subdivision streets that require reconstruction and 7 streams/ditches that require culvert/bridge replacements.  The expected pavement treatment is full-depth main line pavement, widening of shoulders, turning radii, passing blister/right turn lane at SR235 and S-line locations; and mill and overlay elsewhere.  The design classification for SR135 shall be 3R, Two-Lane Rural Arterial and S-lines shall be 3R, Rural Local Road with a 55 MPH design speed for both.  SR26 and some intersections will require both horizontal and vertical reconstruction so as to comply with the above noted criteria.  These realignments are expected to be somewhat major at some locations.  The total length of the survey for this project is approximately 19,600 feet of main line, 5,000 feet of S-lines and 9,000 feet of T-lines.  The estimated construction cost for this project is $23,000,000.  The governing body in responsible charge of this project is INDOT.

Parsons Cunningham & Shartle Engineers, Inc. (PCS) was a subconsultant to Wilbur Smith for this project.  The design of the road improvements was by the Client.  PCS performed the topographic survey along the entire project corridor which was approximately 34,000 feet in total length, including T-lines.  The topographic survey services complied with the INDOT survey procedures manual.