Grandview Phase II STEP

Location of Project:   Indianapolis, IN

Services Provided:  Topographic Survey, Sewer Design, Drainage Design, Roadway Design

Description of Project:  Project included Topo survey, sewer design, drainage design, roadway designThis project originated as a neighborhood septic tank elimination project located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, IN.  The City is also attempting to correct local neighborhood drainage problems as part of this overall project.  This project will improve the neighborhood drainage system for 178 residences which presently experience standing water for extended periods of time during moderate storm events.  The overall project is roughly bounded on the north by West 59th Street, on the south by Kessler Blvd., on the west by Michigan Road and the east by Ditch Road.   The overall project will entail the installation of sanitary sewers, laterals to each home/property, new manholes, new lift station, street resurfacing and finally storm drainage improvements.  Hybrid drainage ditches will be installed adjacent to subdivision streets.  This approach is a unique mix of open channel, storm sewer and inlets.  The hybrid ditch can be placed at no slope or minimal slope because the storm sewer is perforated and encompassed by a washed stone and geotextile envelope.  The hybrid ditch is placed no more than 18” below the elevation of the edge of pavement and includes inlets at each property to collect surface water from larger rain events.  The hybrid ditch also has the ability to offer a water quality benefit through infiltration while offering some detention capabilities.