I-69/SR168 in Gibson County, IN

Location of Project:   Gibson County, IN

Services Provided:  Roadway Design, Utility Coordination

Description of Project: PCS performed the following design tasks for this project:

Utility coordination (INDOT procedures) for approximately 3.5 miles of new rural Interstate highway construction.

Complete roadway design for approximately 0.5 mile of rural State highway (SR 168).  The existing highway is being elevated on an embankment to pass over the new Interstate route.  Design elements include new vertical profile, full pavement reconstruction, embankment construction, guardrail design (at the new overpass bridge and existing bridge at the east end of the project), drainage design (mainline cross culvert, side ditches, driveway culverts), pavement markings, signing, right-of-way design, erosion control design (permanent and temporary), etc.

Complete interchange design of the proposed interchange between SR 168 and I-69.  A new diamond configuration interchange is proposed as a connection between the two routes.  Design elements include full geometric design of the four ramp roadways (including both the horizontal and vertical alignments), superelevation design, interchange grading, interchange drainage design (ditches and culverts), interchange right-of-way design, ramp intersection design (at SR 168), ramp gore design (at I-69), pavement markings, signing, erosion control design (permanent and temporary), etc.

Complete cul-de-sac design of “dead-end” county road.  The existing County Road 725E will have its direct connection to SR 168 severed as a part of the project.  Design elements include geometric design (including both the horizontal and vertical alignments), right-of-way design, drainage design, etc.

The estimated construction cost for this portion of the I-69 project was $4,500,000.  The governing body in responsible charge for this project was INDOT.  The design complied with all INDOT/AASHTO standards and specifications.  PCS was a subconsultant to Beam Longest & Neff for this project.