Highland Springs/Green Residential Subdivision, Brownsburg, Indiana

Location of Project:   Brownsburg, IN

Services Provided:  Survey, Plat, Grading, Roadway, Utilities, Drainage, Permitting/Approvals)

Description of Project: This project included the development of 403 home sites with different density levels located just north of the Town of Brownsburg on SR267.  Water and sewer were not adjacent to the property and required the extension of service from areas south of the site.  Also, the Gibbs Legal Drain divided the property and for development to be feasible required relocation.  One final problem was the property contained two cross country gas pipelines with blanket easements over all of the developable property and required negotiating with these companies to definitively quantify a much smaller easement.  Several entities required approval for this project to proceed including the Town of Brownsburg, Hendricks County Zoning, Planning and Drainage Boards, IDNR, INDOT, IDEM and two cross country gas line companies.    

PCS prepared hydraulic modeling of 23,800’ of enclosed storm sewers along with 144 junction structures, design of five major detention ponds, design of one major regional sanitary lift station, hydraulic modeling of the relocated Gibbs Legal Drain and permitting (Construction in a Floodway Permit) of said drain for access to the East Fork of White Lick Creek, sanitary sewer design, water design, design of 4.5 miles of urban streets, reconstruction of 0.5 miles of SR267, erosion control, offsite water main design, offsite sanitary force main design and overall site grading preparation.  PCS prepared all on-site and off-site easement drawings, descriptions and conveyance instruments for the appropriate utility serving the project or landowners conveying said easement.  PCS was involved in all public and governmental staff meetings and prepared all drawings, studies and applications for permitting of this project.