Montgomery County Bridge No.42

Location of Project:  Montgomery County, Indiana

Services Provided:  Topographic/Route and Right of Way Survey and Design. Right of Way Engineering Plan Development including Legal Descriptions and Land Plats.

Description of Project: The bridge for this project was a single span, square, composite prestressed box beam type, approximately 47 feet in length carrying CR450N over Hazel Creek.  The road approaches included two 12 foot lanes and 2 foot shoulders and were approximately 600 feet in length.  The project also included stream regrading, existing bridge demolition, spill-thru type abutments, clearing, maintenance of traffic for closed road, erosion control and utility relocations.  Steel H-piles were used in conjunction with the foundations noted above.  The construction cost for this project was $250,000 and was entirely locally funded.  The governing body in responsible charge of this project was the Montgomery County Commissioners.

Parsons Cunningham & Shartle Engineers, Inc. (PCS) performed a topographic/route and right of way survey and design.  PCS also performed all right of engineering plan development including legal descriptions and land plats for this project.  There were 5 parcels affected by this project.  The survey complied with the INDOT survey procedures manual and all right of way engineering complied with the INDOT Right of Way Procedures Manual for land acquisition.  Also, the design complied with most INDOT standards and procedures.  PCS was the prime consultant for this project.