Mill Street Trail/Sidewalk

Location of Project:  Danville, IN

Services Provided:  Survey, Design, Right of Way Engineering, Construction Cost Estimate and Construction Inspection

Description of Project:  Parsons, Cunningham & Shartle Engineers surveyed, designed, provided right of way engineering, construction cost estimate and construction observation for the trail/sidewalk project from South Cross Street to the Mackey Road/Danville High School in Danville, IN.  This handicap compliant trail/sidewalk connected several neighborhoods to the Danville High School and allowed school age children to experience walking safely to and from their high school. The trail/sidewalk meandered generally parallel with Mill Street to miss major trees and other topographic features so as to enhance the pleasure and safety of this walking trip experience.  The design also took special measures to minimize the land acquisition activities, negative impacts to adjacent properties, impacts to surface drainage and utility relocation or conflicts.  The design also included the construction of a retaining wall to eliminate right of way “takes” from a property owner and a curbed section on portions of the sidewalk/trail to correct surface drainage problems, parking issues and provide a curbed barrier to protect pedestrian traffic.