West Perimeter Road for the Midfield Terminal at the Indianapolis International Airport

Location of Project: Indianapolis, IN

Services Provided: Civil Engineering Design

Description of Project:  This project includes the design of a new road alignment that became the west access roads to the new Midfield Terminal at the Indianapolis International Airport.  This new road system is the primary access between the main Terminal access from I-70 and local roads and internal airport roads.  The roads transition from two lane cross sections to multilane road sections with turn lanes.  The cross sections also transition through several horizontal curves and superelevations. PCS Engineers participated in the design of five of the primary S-line roads (approx. 1.0 mile in total length) which included horizontal curves, superelevation and pavement transitions from two lane to multilane cross sections. PCS Engineers also designed all five intersections to meet AASHTO stopping and passing sight distance criteria.  The new alignment required PCS Engineers to design relatively sharp curves and superelevations so as to comply with AASHTO geometric requirements for the specified design speed.  The estimated construction cost for this project was $8,000,000.