Ohio River Bridge Crossing

Location of Project: Clarksville, IN

Services Provided: Inspection

Description of Project:  This project included the following aspects: construction of a new six-lane bridge for Northbound I-65 over the Ohio River, reconfiguration of “Spaghetti Junction” (interchange of I-64, I-65 & I-71) in Kentucky, reconfiguring roadways and bridge approaches in Indiana, and rehabilitation of the existing I-65 Kennedy Bridge. Tim was predominantly involved with the improvements to I-65 and surface streets on the Indiana approach. This work included new roadway, road embankments, MSE walls, traffic signals, multiple bridges, concrete paving, asphalt paving, drainage improvements, and erosion control.  The estimated construction cost for the overall project was $750 million.

Etica Group/PCS Involvement: 2013-2017