Nick Parsons, P.E.

Project Manager

License: P.E. in Indiana

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Purdue University, 2012

What is your favorite project that you have worked on in your career?
The Louisville riverbank filtration project was the most complex and rewarding project I have ever worked on. The project consisted of the design of collector wells along the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky in order to use the natural filtering process of the sands and gravel located in the Ohio River aquifer for drinking water. I was in charge of the preliminary engineering of the project which included site selection of collector wells, preliminary deep pump station design, and bedrock tunnel design.

Who has been most influential in your career?
My wife. She has always supported me in my career decisions. She helps me understand and work through problems that arise at work and offers a fresh outside perspective.

What is your favorite quote or saying?   “Always look on the bright side of life.”

What character trait do you possess which makes you a great engineer? Detail Oriented. I strive for quality in all my work deliverables. I want to ensure that all people I work with, whether it’s a supervisor or a client, receives a product that I am personally proud of.