E. Frank Glidden

Inspection Manager

With over 35 years of experience in the engineering and construction fields, Frank Glidden provides Etica’s clients with a longstanding commitment to project quality and expertise in his role as Senior Project Manager. His experience includes extensive storm and sanitary sewer design and construction observation, analysis, creative problem solving, utilization of CAD systems to perform design solutions, and preparation of spreadsheets to model financial performance, working in tandem with the DPW and Department of Business and Neighborhood Surfaces, among others. Frank is responsible for curb, sidewalk and stormwater design & inspection, sanitary sewer design, management of construction inspection services, project site design, special project administration, graphic design, water line design, CSO project design and permit technical review assistance. Frank is a graduate of the INDOT Certified Technician Program and is NASCO pipeline, lateral, & manhole assessment certified. To reach Frank, email him at fglidden@eticagroup.com.